Cohort begins June 19, 2023

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Do you dream of a more rested, joyful and connected society?

We cannot manifest the futures we dream of without changing our actions. That's why we've created Unpacking Culture - a space for community to collectively experiment with new (or old) ways of being, doing, and thinking, to align with liberation. 

Building on the foundation of Tema Okun's White Supremacy Cultural Characteristics, this is an invitation to work with the mind and the body, and compassionately shift practice, with the support of community.

Cohort Outline

    1. Introduction and Week 1 Overview

    2. Defining Culture

    3. Dominant Cultural Norms

    4. Emotional Drivers and Change

    5. Embodiment Practice - Week 1

    6. Resources - Week 1

    1. Grounding Meditation and Overview

    2. A Relational System

    3. Interview: Josephine Grey, St. Jamestown Cooperative

    4. Exploring Your Values

    5. Embodiment Practice - Week 2

    1. Welcome and Grounding Meditation

    2. Interview: Eman Salem on the Practice of Re-patterning

    3. Shifting Practice

    4. Embodying Trust

    5. What to Anticipate When Re-patterning

    6. Affording Grace

    7. Embodiment Practice - Week 3

    1. Embodiment Practice - Week 4

Course details

  • $950 with EARLYBIRD coupon; $1200 regular
  • Community of Practice
  • Weekly Live Zoom Calls (also recorded)

What to expect

  • Format

    Pre-recorded weekly content, every Monday, starting June 19, 2023 for four weeks. Go at your own pace. Content will not exceed 1.5 hours per week. You will have access to these videos for three months after the cohort experience concludes.

  • Weekly Zoom Calls

    1.5 hours every Wednesday at 9am PT, beginning June 28, 2023 and ending July 19, 2023. This will be an opportunity to gather and practice the work of embodiment as a community. Each live session will be recorded.

  • Community of Practice

    A nurturing community space where students come together to learn and grow. This supportive space encourages open sharing and fosters a sense of collective progress as we unlearn and re-pattern together.

Pricing options

Save an additional $250 using EARLYBIRD coupon code, until May 28, 2023.

Your Facilitators

Clementina Consens (they/them)

Relational Design Strategist

Clementina is an artist, researcher, and environmental scientist that is driven to imagine and implement radical visions. Their holistic views on research and the natural world translate into a unique understanding of design. Throughout their career, Clementina has worked with and for Indigenous-led organizations in Ontario and they are committed to decolonization through collective healing.

Sabrina Meherally (she/her)

Founder and Relational Design Strategist

Sabrina is a creative disruptor and design thought leader. She views change as an inevitable process, that can be shaped through ritual/daily practice, thoughtful decision making, and care. Through conscious leadership, Sabrina experiments with revitalizing practices of care in business, research and innovation - so that the wellness of community, the planet, and future generations become integral markers of success.


  • What are the dates?

    Weekly content is released on Mondays, starting June 19, 2023. Every Wednesday at 9AM PT, beginning June 28, 2023 there will be a 1.5 hour live zoom call with members of the cohort. These are opportunities to practice with community through facilitated activities and applied learning. The dates of the live sessions are: June 28, July 5, July 12, and July 19.

  • How many hours of class material each week?

    Hours of learning content will vary each week but will not exceed 1.5 hours per week. Instead of "homework" we offer embodiment practices that consist of reflective prompts, invitations to move the body, express emotions, connect with land, and integrate learnings from the week. We expect on that on average, students will dedicate around 1 to 2 hours per week for journaling, community discussion, and/or artistic practice.

  • What accommodations are provided?

    Our course content is available through pre-recorded video with captions. Transcription is available upon request for accessibility purposes. Resources are shared through PDF documents which can be read through screen reader. This platform is not optimized to provide image descriptions, however we do describe important visuals in weekly lectures. PLEASE let us know if you have other access needs and we will do our best to meet them. You can email us at

  • Are refunds available?

    No. Refunds are not available. That said, you will have access to all course material including the live zoom call recordings, for 3 months after the cohort concludes.

  • What is the final course deliverable and when is it due?

    The final course deliverable will be an applied learning reflection piece. You can share this reflection through a variety of modalities including written text, poetry, art, music, movement, video, audio. You will have until July 31, 2023 to complete this deliverable in order to receive a certificate of completion.

  • What if I can't meet deadlines?

    We do not treat our course deliverables as "homework". Everything is an invitation. We are happy to accommodate your need for flexibility, within reason, if you have trouble meeting timelines. We have also made the process for completing the final deliverable non-prescriptive and leave it up to you to decide how you would best like to share it.

  • Is there any financial support or scholarships available?

    A monthly payment plan is available to support you in paying for this program over 3 instalments. We will also be releasing a DIY version of this course in the future, which include asynchronous learning material without the live sessions or community. If you are unable to afford the price of this cohort, or if you are interested in the DIY version of the program, kindly email us at Depending on registration volume, we may have a couple of scholarships available based on financial need and your intention. Folks who are racialized and those with disabilities will be prioritized.

  • What are your practices for harm reduction in this space?

    If there is an opportunity to practice repair in the moment and share in the collective practice of harm reduction during community sessions this will be the preferred method, however if there is not an opportunity to practice repair as a teachable moment, the harm will be addressed in a separate meeting so as to prioritize everyone's safety and time to practice in community.